Character and environment work I did while working for Forestlight Studios.
I was responsible for all of the main character models during the "Astrid Silverlock"-production and for some for other projects.
My work included the character modeling and not any of the texturing or rendering of the poster below.
All exclusive rights reserved to Forestlight Entertainment, 2013
Maya and Zbrush.

I provided the character model for the turqoise chinchilla below for the Foreslight Studios "Chinchillas"-project.
I was not involved in the texturing or rendering process in this case.
Some props and environment assets from the "Gnomes and Trolls II"-production.
Whiteshark Films is now known as Forestlight Studios.

Matte painting done by Rickard Westman for Forestlight Studios.
I produced the models to most of the trees, mushrooms and other environment props used in this painting.