A selection of environment/prop assets that I made for the Polarbit AB game "Rail Racing"
for mobile devices like iOS, Android and more.
Various polycount depending on the importance of the asset.
Texel-density around 5-8 px/cm.
I decided to go with an art direction that had high saturation in the high and low values of the textures and a lower saturation in the mid-tones or the "base-color" of the asset. This gives the assets a toony look that is easy to achieve and reproduce.
Maya, Photoshop.

Toy robot
Kids guitar
School backpack - Flonken
Model airplane
Toy soldiers
Plastic rocket
Alarm clock
Old Grandpa clock
Old Gramophone
Mannequin doll
Rocking chair
Tool cabinet
Screwdriver, "mejsel inc."
Lawn mower
Big wrench
Sun chair
Rubber boots
Garden chairs
Garden hat
Sunflower and garden props
Coffee machine
Kitchen table set
Kitchen knives set