My personal work can sometimes get shelved for some time in order to make room for other ideas and interests.
I occasionally paint and do other graphic related things too. Simply put, sometimes "life" just gets in the way for 3D graphics.

So here's a collection of some ideas and projects of mine that hasn't really reached the finished line yet or my satisfaction.
You'll also find projects that does not meet up to my standards of today
but I still like to keep around for sentimental value and to remind myself of the process I've gone through as an artist.

Hellboy's Samaritan 4 Rounds Revolver.
Work in progress highpoly model from 3DSMax.

Daredevil With Mask
Work in progress highpoly model from Maya. Will sculpt and texture in Zbrush and Substance.
Russian Holy Crusader, work in progress Z-Brush sculp.
Concept by the much talented Rickard Westman that I had the pleasure of working with at Forestlight.
Seburo MN23, fictional bullpup assault rifle.
Personal unfinished project with concept from "Ghost in the shell."
To be used as an FPS-weapon. Subdivision modeling and hard surface practice.

7809 tris.
1024^2 Diffuse, Specular, Normal.
Maya, xNormal, Photoshop, Zbrush, Marmoset.


School chair and classroom chalkboard
Personal Battle Royale fan-project, rendered in Marmoset and Mental Ray.
Inception movie - Hotel hallway scene
Fan-project. Rendered in the Unreal Engine 3
Hand grenade
Personal Battle Royale fan-project. Rendered in Marmoset.
Wings Hostess.

Finished 3rd place in "The Showdown" a character modeler competition for 3D art-school students.
The theme of the competition was "It came from the nightmare..."
I took a lot of inspiration from the Silent Hill game series while doing this one.

Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop.
7962 tris.
1024^2 Diffuse, Specular, Normal.

Z-brush high poly sculpt
Lowpoly with textures